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Early Head Start

6 weeks - 3 years old

Early Head Start offers 12 months of comprehensive services to children and families.

10 month option - This center-based option follows the regular school calendar and children only attend center-based services for 10 months.  During the summer months families receive 6 weekly home visits by Parent Educator to ensure they receive 12 months of services.

12 month option - Children are enrolled year-round in center-based care.

Home-based - A Parent Educator delivers weekly home visits to families.  These home visits consist of early childhood development activities that are individualized for each family.  These families have opportunities twice per month to come together for Group Socializations.  Activities are planned to meet each child's developmental level and provides time for them to interact with other children their age.

For more information about Early Head Start please contact Jennifer Stiles, Early Childhood Development Coordinator, at 828-286-3901 ext. 5015.